Petit & Chou (pəti /e/ sho͞o)
Hello, I am Claire, the owner of Petit & Chou and also the mama of the most loving and sweet toddler, Éloy. 
This journey started with me shopping for my little boy, Éloy. I had very specific criteria - ethically sourced, no harsh chemicals involved while manufacturing, and long lasting quality so I can keep the clothes for my second or third child, or even future grandchildren. I actually have a box of clothes I received from my mother in law filled with clothes my husband was wearing when he was little and I just loved how everything was still in good condition with such lovely designs. You couldn't tell that these clothes were from 30 years ago!
I had a list of brands I fell in love with, but as a new mother, it was hard to find time to shop on different websites, so I came up with the idea to bring everything into one little store of mine, accessible both online and as a brick and mortar store in Squamish - the town and community I fell in love with after living in 8 different countries and 10 different cities.
All the brands I bring to my store are ethically sourced and are very carefully curated with love, hoping the designs bring you and your little one joy with every little step they take.
Thank you so much for reading my story and for supporting a local small business. It means the world to me!