Did you know lots of our clothes are from South Korea?

It is not only because of all these trendy and adorable designs, but it is mostly because we believe in quality and strict safety guidelines in South Korea towards to baby clothes. Children textile/clothes (Newborn to 36 months) produced in South Korea require KC certification to ensure the safety and this includes a factory inspection, product tests. 

Regulated items and requirements for textile products for infant clothing (Newborn - 36Months)

Items Requirement Remarks
Formaldehyde (mg/kg) ≤20  
Organotin Compound – Dibutyltin (DBT) (mg/kg) ≤1.0 Only when it has coating or printing.
Organotin Compound – Tributyltin (TBT) (mg/kg) ≤0.5 Only when it has coating or printing.
Arylamine (mg/kg) ≤30 Applicable only for dyed textile products.
Phthalates contents (%) ≤0.1 in total Applicable when material like coating agents or rubber or plastic was used.Restricted phthalates
include DNOP, DEHP, BBP, DBP, DINP and DIDP 
Flame Retardants Prohibited TDBPP, Penta BDE, Octa BDE
Dimethyl Fumarate (mg/kg) ≤0.1 Applicable only on the leather part.
Lead (mg/kg) ≤90 ≤300 mg/kg for metals. Apply only to the part with components like coatings, printings, buttons
Allergic Dyes do not use  
pH 4.0 ~ 7.5  
Nickel Release (µg/cm2/week) ≤0.5  
Cords & Drawstrings Conform EN14682  
Small Parts for Decoration Not to be detached  

Different requirements apply to leather products.

So what are the South Korean brands we love?

Happy Prince - Kids Clara

The sweetest little accessories including the cutest baby hats and baby socks. Quality play outfits. 

Bebe De Pino

Funky unique create designs. The most popular kids clothes brand in South Korea


Quality basic baby and toddler clothes 


Neutral sweet baby clothes. The most adorable rompers and baby dresses


Neutral and unique classic designs for both girls and boys.  

Claire Choi